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Total solution for 60 bales /hour machine-harvestedcotton production line
Lead cotton processing into the 60-bale era.
Promote China's cotton processing to large scale , intellectualization  and informatization 

Product details

Main Technical Advantages
The daily lint output can reach 1000 bales, which is 2-3 times that of the traditional ginning production line. It significantly reduces the production cost, saves manpower and shortens process cycle.
The production line adopts two 18-ton seed cotton cleaning lines, which are specially designed for large-scale production lines, higher cleaning effect, simpler process flow and more suitable for the characteristics of Xinjiang machine-harvestedcotton.
The seed cotton cleaning line adopts a new cleaning process of one-to-one parallel distribution, which does not increase the cleaning times, effectively enhances the cleaning performance of the seed cotton cleaning line and improves lint quality.
The double downward suction process and two-pipe feeding design makes seed cotton cleaning more uniform, efficiently removes leaf impurities and dust, and improves cotton color grade .The negative pressure state greatly reduces the dust content of the workshop and improves the working environment.

The extracting type seed cotton cleaner adopts double-channel and self-diverging structure, which can control the thickness of seed cotton layer during the cleaning process to make it more uniform, effectively remove impurities, such as boll shell, cotton stalk, etc. and effectively solve the problem of high trash content in machine-harvestedcotton.
The production line is equipped with intelligent gins, whose working chamber can be controlled and adjusted by touch screen PLC. The key parameters can be adjusted by one button without shutting down operation, which improves the equipment operation accuracy. The adoption of the middle chamber auxiliary discharge technology improves its cotton stalk cleaning rate and ginning adaptability, no feeding jam so as to solve the problem to open and close the working chamber frequently.
The bale press adopts a new integrated hydraulic system and realizes two-way proportional control of flow and pressure, which improve the running speed and smoothness. The industrial air conditioning technology helps to improve the refrigeration effect and stability of the whole machine.
The fault automatic diagnosis for key equipment, early warning and fault interlocking functions to reduce the equipment failure rate. The detection and automatic protection for all system motors, which can upload real-time motor current change curves to the Cloud and perform big data analysis. These measures can therefore lower the damage rate of motors and equipment and improve the operating rate of the production line.


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