Co-organized by Swan, China International Cotton Conference Come to a Successful Conclusion in Chongqing

Time:2017-10-17  |  Read:252

From June 8 to 9, 2017, Swan cotton machinery participated in the 10th China international cotton conference held in Mountain city Chongqing.

Since 1999, China international cotton conference was held every two years, is the highest level of domestic cotton industry conferences, participants over one thousand people, is one of the international cotton conference with global influence.

This year is the tenth session, with the topic of "Interacting ·Harmonising ·Innovating - to Reshape the Future of the Cotton Industry", which will be held on 8 solstice 9 days.

During the conference, Chairman, Mr. Wei Hua and General manager Ms. Wu Junying,had cordial meetings with India, Pakistan, Egypt and Brazil representative guests on how to make Swan cotton processing equipment to meet the needs of different countries, and deep communication on expanding international cotton processing market.And reached a preliminary consensus  on development direction of next step.

As the co-organizer of this conference, general manager, Ms. Wu Junying, was invited to make an excellent speech on "the present situation and future direction of cotton processing technology in China".

From 19 countries and regions, representatives from more than 800 international cotton industry organization, large international cotton company, cotton and textile industry organization, research institutions and related government departments, representative of cotton farmers, cotton merchants and textile enterprises of all parties in the domestic cotton industry chain discussed the development of cotton industry at home and abroad, analyzed the situation, looking forward to the future, and promoted the healthy development of cotton industry.

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