Swan cotton machinery holds the 28th safety month mobilization conference.

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On May 31, 2017, at 14:00 PM, the 16th national safety month and 28th safety month of the company held in the conference room  on the fourth floor of office building. Members of the company's leading group, members of the security council, heads of departments and part-time security officers attended this meeting. Conference presided over by director of production safety Mr.Luan. He introduced the current security situation and the significance of safety month activities,

analyzed and expounded on the theme "full implementation of enterprise production safety responsibility". Director of  equipment and safety management department Introduced the plan of safe production month and specific work arrangement.

General manager Ms. Wu Junying addressed the main tasks of the company and the implementation of the corporate responsibility. And put forward four requirements for safe month mobilization emphases:
1.At present, it's peak season of company production. Under the

premise that the competitors enjoy the advantages of policy, capital advantage, industry advantage and customer's higher requirements on product performance, the orders are hard-won. It takes more effort per employee to ensure the quality of the equipment and ensure the safety of production. Safety is not only related to the development of the company, but also to the improvement of each employee's family happiness and quality of life. Encourage employees to contribute to the company's safe production, increase income and reduce expenditure, etc.

She stressed the implementation of security theme responsibilities. Security, related to all aspects, people, goods, content security,personal "clean". We must insist on the principle of basic security, no security, no development, safety orientation to specification, this must carry out to every person,every post. Emphasize risk prevention and control awareness, a vote no system about safety.

Ensure the effectiveness of fire hydrants and fire extinguishers, and implement the management of high pressure duty and control room on duty. The heads of all departments shall be the first responsible persons in the safety production of the department, and the equipment and safety management department shall fulfill its management responsibilities.

To emphasize the implementation of the five implementation of the "party and government accountability" requirements; Implementation of safe production "one job and two responsibilities". To implement the leadership of the safety production organization and establish a safety production committee. To implement the security management force and set up the safe production and management organizations according to law. Implement the safety production reporting system; Ensure the safety responsibility, safety input, safety training, safe management and emergency rescue.

At last, all participants watched the national propaganda film of 2017 national safety month.

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