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FPJ-28 Intelligent Precise Fertilizer Distributor Series
Maximum capacity: 5000-6000kg/h
Maximum of raw material : 6
Finished product specification: 5~50kg
Measurement accuracy: ±0.1%
Finished product accuracy: ±1%
Mixing uniformity: comply with sampling standard
Power: 380V three-phase four-wire system
Accurate material discharge, intelligent fertilizer distribution , to achieve the precise ratio of fertilizer and moderate fertilization according to soil conditions and different periods of crop growth .


Product details

1. Lined-up arrangement of hoppers

FPJ-28 (underground type) and FPJ-28 C (underground type) adopt unilateral feeding, which is convenient for feeding and observing the material level; FPJ-28B (overground type) adopts special lifting platform for feeding in optional direction and has two-way feeding function, which requires less labor and greatly reduce the labor intensity and operating costs.

2. Precise material discharge

The discharge mechanism of FPJ-28 and FPJ-28B adopts stepper motor to automatically control discharge speed; FPJ-28C adopts nylon insert plate to discharge material,the material can drop accurately through proportionally fast and slow cylinder drive. According to the different proportions of required fertilizers, the machine can accurately discharge material .The minimum weight of single discharge is 20g, which is more suitable for the accurate distribution of micro elements.

3. Intelligent fertilizer distribution by soil test

According to the parameters such as soil test data, crop species, cultivation methods, target crop yield and fertilization mode, scientific fertilizer formula and fertilization structure are optimized to promote production and reduce soil pollution.

4. Accurate proportion of fertilizer

Integrating soil testing formula, material discharge, mixed bagging and packaging, it can uniformly prepare for fertilizer and micro elements according to any ratio so as to realize customized formulation of fertilizer conveniently and quickly.

5. Network traceability of fertilizer distribution

The intelligent fertilizer distributor and terminal are connected to the fertilizer distribution data center server through the Internet to realize the network traceability of the formula.

 6. Advanced process and material

The outer grooved wheel of material discharge, insert plate and hopper are separately made of high-quality nylon and FRP, and the outer cover adopts advanced phosphating process and plastic powder coating technology, which have high strength and corrosion resistance.

7. Convenient upgrade

The whole machine adopts a six-hopper frame structure, which is convenient to upgrade the machine  to five-hopper and six-hopper from the original four-hopper mode without replacing the machine.

 8. Comprehensive technical support

The company has a professional technical team and technical support from agricultural experts who have rich practical experiences, and constantly uses advanced technology to optimize and upgrade products to meet users’ needs. 


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